Lets not forget this joke was made before the UN actually decieded to do this

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in grade 8 i did a power point presentation on “whooping cough” and my opening slide was a photo of whoopi goldberg coughing and i was the only person who laughed at it and i couldnt start the presentation for like five minutes because i was laughing too hard at my own joke

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the year is 2040 you are still not superior for not listening to pop music

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you know those friends who try to one-up you on everything you say… chill…. all i said was it’s my dad’s birthday…. no need to tell me about that time your dad took you to the bahamas to swim with dolphins while you jet-skied into the sunset

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when someone hot reblogs your selfie


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*trying to finger/fist yourself in public like*

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"i don’t support feminism because i don’t hate men"


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